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Upcoming AGATE Webinars

"Creating a Safe Space in Schools for Gifted LGBTQ+ Students" on Saturday, March 13th @ 10-11am

(Description: Orla Dunne, the Residential Coordinator and Equality Officer at the Center for Talented Youth at Dublin University, will lead this educational webinar about sharing tips and resources for supporting gifted LGBTQ+ students in schools. The session will begin with a 30-minute presentation by Orla Dunne to help construct foundational understanding of concepts and topics relevant to LGBTQ+ students. Q&A will follow as we consider ways to best serve our students and create safe spaces building positive culture in our schools.)

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"Tips for Twice Exceptional Teaching" on Tuesday, April 13th @ 7-8pm

(Description: TBD) 

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Aug. 11, 2020

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