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Contact Davis Hendricks, AGATE Legislative Advocate, by Email: [email protected] or Cell: (501) 454-9714


AGATE Advocate Job Description:

  • Represent AGATE in the legislative arena, providing awareness, interpretation and guidance in the formulation or modification of established laws and funding for gifted and talented education in Arkansas.
  • Write advocacy column in the AGATE newsletter
  • Provide monthly calendar of Advocate plans, activities, and contacts to the AGATE board via the President.
  • Attend all AGATE Board of Director's meetings in entirety and report on activities since last Board meeting.
  • Attend AGATE General Session; present advocacy session; coordinate conference legislative visit as requested by conference chair.
  • Keep AGATE Board and membership apprised of legislative issues and outcomes.
  • Read proposed education bills for possible effects on gifted education; report relevant legislation and construct legislation as deemed needed by the Board.
  • Cultivate constructive, cooperative relationships with other state organizations & state education agencies to promote gifted education supported by AGATE.
  • Attend Legislative Education Committee meetings (House & Senate); and others as relevant and report as needed to President and Legislative Committee.
  • Testify at Legislative hearings related to gifted education; organize same from AGATE constituents.
  • Attend any State Education Board meetings that have agenda items related to gifted education.
  • attend any Higher Education Board meetings that have agenda items related to gifted education.
  • Advise and serve as ex-officio member of the AGATE Legislative Committee.
  • Develop and disseminate AGATE position/platform statements regarding goals in the AGATE strategic plan.
  • Utilize G/T listserv and AGATE website to communicate legislative information to AGATE members.
  • Advise and assist webmaster to maintain AGATE webpage; including Advocacy information; links to legislators; AGATE position statements (as approved by the Board); and Legislative alerts.
  • Establish appropriate meetings/contact with legislators and share information about gifted education as supported by AGATE.



93rd General Assembly

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Members of the Senate

AGATE Advocacy: A Moral Imperative (AGATE 2021 Session)